How Does Contextual Blog Posting Work? The Right and Quality Approach

If you’re looking to do some contextual blog posting, then you should know that there are right and wrong ways to do it. Many people complain that they get no decent results from contextual blog posting. The reason is mostly because they’re doing something wrong. If you do it the right way, you will find that it is easier and consistently more rewarding than many popularly touted search engine optimization techniques. The right way to do some contextual blog posting is:

1.  Posting Unique Articles on High PR and Authority Dofollow Blogs

The first step is by posting your unique articles on high authority dofollow blogs. Posting on no follow blogs will not give you the desired results. In fact, it is likely to sabotage your efforts. Also, there have been questions about using unique articles for each blog or duplicate content. Research has shown that for the best results, you should use unique articles per blog or at the very worst, spinned articles.

2.  Posting to Different Blogs Hosted on Unique Class C IPs

Each blog on the network should be hosted on unique Class C IPs. This helps ensure that all the links come from unique blogs, thus making them look very natural and as if they are from completely unrelated blogs. Posting to blogs on the same network is almost like telling google “hey, I am trying to generate some backlinks”. If you don’t know how to do this, contact a SEO company to do it for you. Most SEO companies tend to have their own blog network with each hosted on unique Class C IPs.

3.  Only Post on Blogs that are Regularly Maintained and Updated with Relevant Content

This is crucial and necessary; otherwise, the blogs will not develop the required page rank and rankings on the search engines. Blogs on blog networks that are consistently maintained tend to generate traffic and one way links from people who reprint their content on their own websites and blogs. This really helps their rankings on the search engines and makes them capable of passing the required link juice to your own website.

4.  Submit Your Content to Blogs that are also Promoted

Most well maintained blogs are also promoted by their owners just like normal websites. This guarantees exposure and visibility for you; not to mention that your website will drastically increase its rankings thanks to the link juice it passes on to your website via the link you include in the content.

5.  Place Anchor Texts to Relevant Website in Texts with no more than 2 links

Ensure that anchor texts relevant to the topic and your website are included in the unique articles that you post on these blogs. Contextual blog posting works best when there are no more than 2 references to your website or web pages in different anchor texts.

Contextual blog posting is easy, but you’ve got to do it right to get the best results from it.